To become a Subscribing Employer - What do I need to know?

A contractor who desires to have or get an apprentice in the Cornhusker Training Trust program is required to
become a “Subscribing Employer” and abide by the Registered Apprenticeship Standards.
The highlights of a subscribing employer agreement include:
  • Can review a list of qualified candidates or new hire prospects from the “Cornhusker Training Trust Pool” to interview.
  • Classroom Training for the Apprentice.
  • On The Job Learning (OJL) for the Apprentice.
  • Pay a wage in accordance with the “Wage Progression” based upon OJL.
  • Appoint and train an authorized Supervisor of Apprentices.
  • Appoint and train a Supervisor of Candidate Interviews.
  • 1:1 ratio journeyman to apprentice.
  • Execute an Apprentice Agreement to be filed in the RAPIDS system.
  • Obtain Davis Bacon Credits.
  • Maintenance of records.
  • Notification of changes in status.

For additional information click here to see the Subscribing Employer Agreement.

This is a quick summary or outline of what is involved as a Subscribing Employer.  If you want further information, please contact the Lincoln or Omaha Training Center Registrar to enroll in a short workshop to learn about the additional details involved in the Cornhusker Training Trust Registered Apprenticeship Program.

Lincoln Training Center contact Mandy Stark
Omaha Training Center contact Theresa Ptacek


Apprenticeship recruitment, selection, employment, and training shall be without discrimination on the basis of race, color, religion, national origin, gender, or sexual orientation.






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