Safety Is Job #1

  • Want to improve your safety record, then click on "STEP" to embark in the STEP program.
  • Need to get your workers specific safety training then click on "Safety Courses" and see what we have to offer.  All the classes are taught by OSHA certified instructors and meets every OSHA requirement.
  • Want the services of an OSHA certified Safety Director but can't afford a full-time person?  Want a third-party job site inspection service?  Want to conduct a Job Site Hazards Analysis?  We will contract out these services to you on an hourly basis.  Click here to learn more about "Safety Services/Contracts!"
  • Are you enrolled in STEP and need materials and application forms?  Click here for "STEP" program information.
  • Do you need short tool box talks for your required safety meetings?  Click here to see what is available for "Tool Box Talks."  

We want to assist you in your commitment to "Safety Is Job #1".

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