On December 22, OSHA announced that a construction contractor in Missouri was issued 13 serious safety violations following an accident in which a 16 year old laborer was killed during the disassembly of a crane.  The worker was struck and killed by the swinging cab and boom of a crane which was being disassembled at a jobsite.  The OSHA investigation found that the crane operator was unaware that the worker had been directed to stand in an inadequately marked danger zone.  In addition, the worker had not been provided adequate protective head gear.  The OSHA investigation discovered deficiencies including inadequate training, failure to document inspections and failure to protect workers from falls and from making contact with operating machinery parts.  OSHA proposed fines of approximately $45,000 for those violations and the Wage and Hour Division assessed an additional $11,000 in proposed fines for the construction contractor's violation of the rule prohibiting workers under 18 from operating or assisting in the operation of power-driven hoists.  This development is a sad reminder of the consequences of not taking jobsite safety as a serious issue.  Making jobsite safety a top priority is a good New Year's resolution for any employer in the construction industry.                                   By Jerry Pigsley