The “Ambush Election” rule will result in increased union organizing activity in the coming months – Get Prepared Now!  You need to “target harden” your company against this coming assault.  Then you can rest easy and get back to work.
Yet you are thinking; how hard can an election be, an election – what’s so wrong with that!  Besides you don’t believe your employees will vote for a union.  So what’s there to “target harden” for an election?  Unfortunately you haven’t been told the rest of the story.
In a union organizing effort the union has the tactical initiative.  They select the tactics concerning when, where and how things occur. So once a company is “targeted” by the union, they have a range of tactics to deploy, bannering, salting, filing an unfair labor practices charge or this new tactic the “ambush election”. 
The end game is to organize you or put you out of business!  Either way they win, remember with your company out of business there is more opportunity for work to go to union shops.  So that’s the rest of the story!  The ambush election is just another tactic that tilts the balance in the union’s favor.  Given that unions win more than two-thirds of the elections now, according to The U.S. Chamber of Commerce, cutting the election time frame in half only serves to deprive employees of a thoughtful consideration of the issues. Plus it requires employers to provide unions with the names, physical and email addresses, and telephone numbers of employees they hope to organize.  The result is that both the employer and employees are exposed to unnecessary pressure to make a well-informed decision.
Consider investing time, money and company resources to “target harden” your company.  Put in place a rapid response plan because you will not get a second chance to prepare for such sudden union organizing activity. You will be well rewarded compared to doing nothing or doing something too late should the company be targeted.  
In the New Year everyone will be wanting to tell you about the ambush election. But you need to prepare with a much deeper dive-in the subject matter in order to get your company prepared.  In February the Cornhusker Chapter will provide you with the opportunity to take that “deeper dive” in a series of seminars and webinars from experts in this field.  Be sure to sign up and attend! You will give your company a competitive advantage and you will be glad you did!