How to apply to become an apprentice?

How To Apply To Become An Apprentice?

If you desire to become an apprentice in the carpentry, electrical, HVAC, masonry or the plumbing trade you should complete an application to the Cornhusker Training Trust Pool.  Upon successful completion of the application you will be placed in the “pool of candidates for apprenticeship”.

Before being placed in the pool, your application will be scored depending on experience, education, military experience, etc. (to increase your application score, check out this page) Once you have completed your application you will be placed in the pool.

When an employer, (our member companies) are looking for new employees, they have the opportunity to review our list of “pool applicants”.  Those applicants with the highest score will be first on the list to be reviewed and possible selected for an interview by an employer.  They have agreed to hire and train apprentices through a combination of a classroom setting and on the job (OJL), all while you are earning a paycheck.  If you make an application for apprenticeship, it is no guarantee you will be hired or trained.

Our member companies are located in the major trade areas stretching from Kearney to Omaha to Norfolk.  They believe in the merit shop philosophy, which encourages open competition and the free-enterprise approach that awards contracts based solely on merit.  If desire to learn more about the merit shop philosophy & values you can go to

To request an application, please call the ABC Lincoln office at 402-477-4451 or the Omaha office at 402-344-4258.


                                  Click here for a blank application form to become a candidate for apprenticeship

  For more help or questions about the application process contact:

                       Theresa Ptacek, Omaha Training Center or call 402-344-4258

Mandy Stark, Lincoln Training Center or call 402-477-4451


The recruitment, selection employment, and training of apprentices during their apprenticeship, shall be without discrimination because of  race, color, religion, national origin or sex.

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